About Me

My family is Russian, but I grew up in Lithuania, before moving to Ireland in 2005. Now married to an Irish man, I am a mother of two. I speak fluent English, Russian and Lithuanian. I have a huge interest in the cross-cultural experience and in the dynamics of communication – between cultures, within families, within relationships – and how our interactions with others shape our belief systems, personalities and decisions.

I hold a BA in Counselling Skills and Psychotherapy from ICHAS and a Certificate in Art Therapy from the CIT Crawford College of Arts and Design where I am also currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Art Therapy. I follow the guidelines and Code of Ethics of the APCP.

In my work with adults and children, and as a group facilitator, I use a humanistic and integrative approach, drawing from various theories; I am results-driven and incorporate time-tested psychotherapy approaches and latest neuroscience research.

I practice Person-Centred Counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), NLP Techniques, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Meditation, Creativity and Art, depending on what best meets your needs.

Whichever approach is used, my role is to guide and support while you find your own strength within.


Tatiana Simakova