Meditation and Creative Visualisation Classes

‘Meditation and Visualisation can change you from inside out. I don’t know of more powerful tools for

transforming your body and your life.’

Jon Gabriel

So many things are beyond our control. However, we can choose how we react to life’s challenges. Meditation is a powerful tool which helps us observe our mental patterns and develop positive new habits which serve us better. Studies show a regular practice helps us feel calm, focused and present. We experience less anxiety and a greater sense of confidence and well-being. Some forms of meditation have even been associated with better immune function and lower incidents of cardiovascular disease.

I am passionate about meditation because my own practice has made a real difference in my own life. I rarely become angry. I find it easier to make friends and form deeper relationships. And I find happiness in unexpected places.

We also practice creative visualisation during these classes. We visualise positive scenes in the mind’s eye. We ‘see’ the life situations we aspire to. We ‘practice’ how we would think, feel and act. When we plant positive seeds in the subconscious, it responds as though these visualisations were already a reality; overtime, both our thought patterns and our life situations change for the better. Creative visualisation is commonly used by top athletes and successful people in many fields.

One-to-one and group Meditation and Creative Visualisation sessions are available.

Next six-week programme commences on the 11th September at 10am

Place: Orchard Wellness Center, 1 St. Anthony’s Terrace, Harmony Row, Ennis.

Price: 6 classes pack €55

‘I previously thought that I had no control over the hurricanes of thoughts in mind: it turns out that I do. I learned to control my negative and repetitive thoughts and emotions by practicing Tatjana’s approach. Thanks a million.’ – Conor