Skype Psychotherapy/ Counselling

‘I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become.’

Carl Jung

Online therapy, conducted by Skype, is a convenient, discrete alternative which involves no stressful travelling for appointments and more flexible appointment times. I currently work with clients all over the world: Russia, Lithuania, Bali, Ukraine, United Stated of America. Skype psychotherapy/counselling has revolutionised therapy because modern technology is changing the way we communicate. With Skype psychotherapy/counselling, choosing a therapist is not limited to your geographic location, you may choose a therapist from almost anywhere in the world.

Although nothing can replace traditional face-to-face therapy, Skype psychotherapy/counselling has made therapy accessible to everyone and anywhere.

Skype psychotherapy/counselling may be useful to clients who live in countries where therapy in their preferred language is not readily available, or for clients who prefer the privacy of therapy from their own homes. Skype psychotherapy/counselling is also invaluable to people who are disabled or housebound, allowing them access to counselling and psychotherapy without the need to travel. Clients are often surprised how comfortable they feel and find themselves more able to ‘open up’, and share personal details because they feel safer and more relaxed in their own home.

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How do Skype psychotherapy/counselling sessions work?

At the first session, we talk through your issues and what you hope to achieve through therapy. Afterwards, you decide if you want further appointments; there is no obligation to proceed. Every session is entirely confidential.

Sessions last 60 minutes for individuals and 90 minutes for couples and are held at a regular time slot each week.

I offer both conventional face-to-face therapy, available at my Ennis and Cork locations, and online therapy.

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